Adjustable Desk Feet Hammock

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  • COMFORTABLE AT WORK - If you spend much time to sit on a chair, you need a foot rest to ease the pressure off your lower back and to improve circulation. This Foot Hammock will help you sit more comfortably while working
  • EASY TO INSTALL - This foot hammock is very easy to install in a few minutes. It is compatible with most desks that the desktop is less than 55cms thick
  • ADJUSTABLE - Rope length is adjustable from 8in to 17.8in. Two ways to adjust length. Low down just for a slight lift during work hours or high up parallel to your thighs when you really want your legs up during lunch. You will love it better than the make shift chair.
  • MATERIAL - Durable canvas + 2 steel clips + hanging rope + wood. Dimension: 25.8" x 6.1".

1. Buckle the two hooks on each side of the desk and wedge the ropes in the two hooks (Maximum thickness of side of desk is 55mm, maximum length of desk must be less than 170cm).
2. Adjust the length of cotton rope with a stopper mounted in the rope.
3. Choose a comfortable position for putting your foot on the support after having a seat.
4. If the adjustment of foot position is necessary, pull or push the hook toward your body.
5. If the adjustment of foot height is necessary, control the cotton rope length with a stopper.

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