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Fantastic New Toy for Kids

It’s all out fun for kids with the magic inductive toy. This is a fun, easy to use and more so educative toy especially for kids of preschool age!

How it Works 

Using a sensor-based mechanism, the red Train follows the path that has been plotted using the magic pen. It’s exciting for kids to just plot a path, turn on a switch on the red Train/toy, and have it follow wherever the path leads.

Excellent Gift Idea for Kids

If you’re looking for a great gift idea to give to preschoolers and little kids who love playing around with things, the Magic Toy Car from does not disappoint.
The magic inductive red Train is designed to last long and give maximum value for your money. Take advantage of this fantastic play toy to keep kids entertained on the go.

Your Satisfaction

At Rinly, we take the satisfaction of our customers seriously. You get a fascinating, easy-to-operated magic inductive red Train toy. 

How to Play

a) Use a dark-colored marketer pen or crayon to plot a line on a white piece of paper.
b) Turn on the switch at the bottom of your magic inductive toy.
c) Put your magic inductive toy on top of the line you’ve plotted.
d) Your toy will automatically run along this line.
e) At the end of the line, the magic inductive toy will continue in the same direction it’s been following.

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