Red Wine Popper Bottle



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Product description
How to use the Air Pressure Cork Remover
1.Remove the foil cap.
2.Insert the needle into the wooden cork and make sure the needle passed through, cover the bottle with a transparent cover.
3.Grasp firmly the transparent cover by left hand hold the outer tube by the right hand.Press the outer tube to pump air into the bottle by push and pull until the cork slides out of the bottle.(Generally, 5-10 pumps per bottle is appropriate)
4.Push the transparent slider to make the cork away from the needle.
1.Don't use this corkscrew for plastic cork and sparkling wine.
2.Please keep the corkscrew out of children's reach, because the needle is very sharp.
3.If the bottle is defective, the times of pumping must not over 12 pumps per bottle.
4.When air can't be pumped into the bottle while the wooden cork still can't be slid out, choose another wine opener.Improper use will damage this product.
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