Pet Finger Toothbrush



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1.This small toothbrush is directly set in the fingers, give the dogs to do cleaning work, toothbrush set material is a liquid silicone, safety, and environmental protection.

2.With a tear resistance,flexible, resistant high temperature,good ventilation,etc.

3.Dog toothbrush is a small bump on one side, the one side is a small soft strip, very soft, give the dog time to clean teeth never hurt them.

4.Slightly flexible, general Baba Ma Ma\'s hand can be set go in.



1.Material: Liquid silicone

2.Size:5cm * 2.5cm, 2cm brush

3.Suitable for: Cats and dogs



1x Pet Finger Toothbrush


Dogs need to maintain oral health by brushing your teeth. But some dogs can resist brushing my teeth, and most of all because of a master way of brushing your teeth is not enough for it correctly.

Keep the dog in the home, through the bite and tear food to remove attachments to less chance of tooth surface, so parents must help them to brush your teeth regularly, in order to avoid dogs suffering from periodontal disease, dental calculus, and even tooth decay. Beautiful teeth is not easy to get, parents must often help the dog brush to have an effect! Advise parents 7 -- 10 days to help the dog brush .


If need to brush teeth for a long time. I suggest you buy more than three.

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